My friendly and/or preferred sites :

WWW.SERRA-COMMUNICATION.COM :The site of Pascal, le "Pas" de KrysPas !  Full with information on data processing and mobile telephony !


http://mysite.freeserve.com/swaffette : Swaffette's homepage for discovering specially 3d Worlds ... vrml worlds and avatars...

http://www.lornet-design.com/ : Quickely discover Lornet-Design! A creative artist with a strong visual sense 2D and 3D for the web and the print!  

   WWW.AUTOURDUPC.COM : Tricks and easy ways for Windows !

WWW.INFOBEL.COM : Free, the reversed directory of the whole world !

WWW.DROITSDESFEMMES.NET : A site which exists because the torture of the women and the young girls remains with the daily newspaper in the world ...

WWW.INSECTE.ORG : The world of the insects opens to you its doors with photographs of a rare beauty.

WW.EPIXFRANCE.COM : Discover a gallery of synthesized images and download free funds of screen for your microcomputer !

Discover the splendid photographs of Seychelles taken by Renaud !

WWW.CHEVRES.COM : You like goat's milk cheese, go ahead ...

WWW.CALIMERO.COM :  The site of this star of the drawings animated with many interactive plays...



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