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Soon on Kryspas of the photographs of Rio de Janeiro!

The Carnival in Brazil is a colonial heritage, imported by the Portuguese. Even the slaves took part in the festival, bombarding flour, making up themselves and disguising themselves with the wigs and clothing of their Masters. During three days, the slaves were free and equal...

Since 1940, the Italian influence was made feel with the appearance of the masked balls, new way of celebrating the Carnival, which takes another face. Brass bands, confettis and serpentines are added to the festival. The traditional dances animate the streets, coloured by the folk costumes, the feathers and the spangles... Thousands of dancers of Samba, Mambo and other endiablées dances ravel merrily, accompanied by players by congas.
As of the Twenties, schools of Samba parade for the event. They contribute to the richness and the originality of the Carnival. The thousands of participants, coming primarily from the poor districts, have the occasion to show their talents. The processions of the schools of Samba are selected at the time of competitions and are judged according to the topic, the presentation, the execution, the costumes...

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is famous today like largest, most extravagant and most famous of the world... 


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